После Нас Потоп (Single)

Release Day: 7/10/2020

The explosive female-led single “The Flood” translated and adapted to the Russian language, the native language of our vocalists, Andrey and Sasha. "Posle Nas Potop" ("после нас хоть потоп") is a very popular saying in Russian that expresses that people don't care enough about what's going to happen to the future generations, so when we were writing lyrics, this phrase expressed everything we wanted to say and it was a perfect fit. This Russian version only became darker lyrically, and it is very well received by our Russian-speaking fans!

No Fear (Single)

Release Day: 11/6/2020

Released just days after the Presidential Election in the US, "No Fear" is talking about the importance of finding your voice, and seeing beyond left or right, black or white.

The Flood (Single)

Release Day: 7/10/2020

The explosive female-led single “The Flood” was inspired by a French proverb "Après nous, le déluge" which translated means, “After us, the flood.” The song is here to remind us that we are all connected, and despite our differences, we all bleed just the same.

The Sequel (EP)

Release Day: 4/25/2019

  • Living Your Life Like This
  • Another Illusion
  • May Leave Scars
  • Talking To Myself

one small st(EP)

Release Day: 9/7/2018

This is a record of various strong topics, including relationship, perspective, and loss. Dedicated to Chester Bennington, and has a #makechesterproud tagline.
  • Intro
  • Before It's Too Late
  • Mistakes
  • What It's Like
  • How Would You Know?
  • The Release

Leave Out All The Rest (Single)

Release Day: 7/20/2018

After heartbreaking news of Chester Bennington's passing, Major Moment decided to pour their souls into creating a genuine and powerful tribute to their idol, expressing themselves the same way that Chester would, through music.
Before It's Too Late Cover Picture

Before It's Too Late (Single)

Release Day: 7/6/2018

“Before It’s Too Late" was written during one of the darkest times in our lives, after losing our idol. It’s about our personal struggles in life but is also about the state of the world we live in.

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