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Boston-based hard rock / alt.metal Major Moment has developed an intense and diverse cinematic rock soundscape that integrates heavy guitar riffs, multi-layered synths, and melodic vocals. Their mission is to inspire people to pursue their dreams and live a life of purpose.

Formed in early 2018, Major Moment has disrupted Boston rock scene with their debut EP, one small stEP, and proved itself not only as the band that dreams big but also as one of the most hardworking players in the game, claiming the attention of music fans, media, and industry professionals worldwide. The band won “Best Rock Album of the Year” at the 2019 IMEA Awards, won “Best Rock Production” and got nominated for “Best Lyric Video” at the Independent Music Awards. Two songs from the EP were also nominated for “Best Rock” and “Best Production” at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

In addition to “one small stEP” that was dedicated to the late Chester Bennington (one of the band’s biggest inspirations), Major Moment created an emotional tribute, “Leave Out All The Rest”. The distinguished music video for this song was released as a standalone asset to support the mission of a suicide prevention campaign, 320 Changes Direction. The video was produced by the Grammy-nominated Project 2 Studios and now has over 1M views. In October 2019, this music video has been selected and screened as part of the Tri-Cities International Film Festival.

“With the way the world is currently, we need more people in music to help bring a message of strength and unity, and we are that vessel. We know that with your help, we can achieve this goal and expand our reach to the masses.”

In January 2019 Major Moment was invited to perform on Hilton stage at the NAMM Show in L.A. To keep the momentum going, the band followed up with their sophomore EP, “The Sequel”. Its first single, “Living Your Life Like This”, gained over 100K streams on Spotify in its first month, and over 330K lifetime. Another feature track “May Leave Scars” won The Lennon Award and “Best Rock Song” at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Motivated by success, Major Moment released their highly-anticipated new single “The Flood” on July 10th, 2020 to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and media worldwide. The song was premiered on Idobi Radio, with its cinematic and heavy lyric video premiering on Alternative Press, who called “The Flood” “100db wake-up call” and praised the band’s awareness of social issues. The single has quickly found its way to a regular rotation of dozens of radio stations, and over 1200 Spotify playlists, including Loudwire’s “Weekly Wire”, quickly approaching the 100K streams mark.

“No Fear”, the band’s following single was released on November 6th, with support of Outburn magazine and Nu Sound, just days after the Presidential Election in the US, and is talking about the importance of finding your voice, and seeing beyond left or right, black or white.

Being an independent artist, Major Moment is fully involved and invested in all aspects of creating a unified vision behind what they stand for as a band. They expand their creativity to formats beyond just audio: whether it’s album art, designing merch or directing music videos. That’s exactly what happened with “The Flood” and the music video for it. This project took nearly 10 months from start to finish, and it became the most ambitious and impressive project they’ve put out so far. From flooding the room with 6000 gallons of water dyed pitch black, to real black caviar, to 16 crew members that all helped to make their original artistic vision come true, Major Moment is proud to finally share their music video with the world.

The scene from "The Flood" music video, click to watch

Despite the whole world and the music industry submerged in the pandemic madness, Major Moment is planning to keep releasing new music and videos frequently, make connections with fans, and is determined to stay true to their mission: inspiring young people and bringing a positive message out there.