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USB Wristband 8GB


  • 8Gb USB Reusable Storage
  • Cool wristband design
  • Contains the ENTIRE music catalog!
  • BONUS: Instrumentals, Karaoke, “No Guitar” versions

In stock

8Gb USB Reusable Storage, containing the ENTIRE Major Moment music catalog:

  • “one small stEP” EP
  • 28-pages Booklet, with lyrics & exclusive pictures in PDF
  • “The Sequel” EP
  • “Leave Out All The Rest (A Tribute To Chester Bennington)”
  • “The Flood”, “No Fear”, “Dead” Singles
  • “The Flood: Remixed & Reimagined”
  • BONUS: Instrumentals, Karaoke, “No Guitar” versions

Weight 1.1 oz

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