Domestic Coverage

12/13/18: Boston Emissions – “New music from Batons, Major Moment, Hallelujah The Hills, etc. Playlist & Voting”

12/6/18: The NAMM Show – “Artist Page: Major Moment”

11/6/18: Don’t Forget To Rock! – “Major Moment Release Lyric Video for “Mistakes”

11/2/18: Divide and Conquer – “Lyric Video Premiere of “Mistakes” and a Full Review of “one small stEP”

10/15/18: Soundposter (Part 3/3) – “one small stEP and The Future”

10/14/18: What Happened To Your Band? – “Introducing Major Moment with single “What It’s Like”!”

10/12/18: Boston Emissions – “Songs of the Week | Top Five”

10/10/18: Soundposter (Part 2/3) – “Keep me in your memory, Leave out all the rest…”

10/6/18: – “Full EP Review. Diversity of sound within songs”

10/4/18: Soundposter (Part 1/3) – “From Russia with Rock!”

10/2/18: The Old School Project – “We keep digging for new talents. Some of them are…”

10/2/18: Indie Minded – “Major Moment Release New EP one small stEP”

10/1/18: Karben Main Stage – “Vote For Major Moment To Make Them Next Artist of the Month

10/1/18: Music Street Journal – “one small stEP Review: This is a Strong Set”

09/29/18: Boston Emissions – “Listen & Vote For The Songs of the Week

9/26/18: Thinking Lyrically. – “Powerful Vocals Are Something of a Trait on This Record”

9/25/18: Mike O’Cull – “The best thing about ‘one small stEP’ is its overwhelming humanness”

9/25/18: comeherefloyd – “415 // Indie Fascination. Major Moment – Mistakes”

9/14/18: Don’t Forget To Rock – “Rock Band Major Moment Take a Major Leap with Debut EP one small stEP

9/11/18: Boston Voyager – “Meet Andrey Borzykin of Major Moment”

9/10/18: The Prelude Press – “Major Moment Open Up About “one small stEP”, Their Love For Linkin Park and Mental Health Awareness”

9/8/18: Cliché Magazine – “The Importance of Mental Health in 2018”

9/2/18: Infectious Magazine – “MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”

8/29/18: Kill The Music – “Unsigned Spotlight: Major Moment”

8/27/18: Audio Addiction – “The Interview with Major Moment”

8/24/18: Skope – “Off to Jupiter with the cosmic warmth that is directly felt in the sound”Score: 10/10

8/22/18: Music Industry News Network – “The track is a mirror to evoke the desire and inspire the new generation”Score: 9.5/10

8/22/18: Life of Creed – “Artist Spotlight | one small stEP – Major Moment”Score: 5/5

8/20/18: FV Reviews – “one small stEP – Full Album Review!”

8/19/18: Beach Sloth – “Major Moment creates a captivating world with the reassuring one small stEP

8/18/18: Don’t Forget To Rock! – “Major Moment Release Lyric Video for How Would You Know?

8/17/18: Skope – Before It’s Too Late packs a BIG punch as the song hits the listener from all directions”

8/16/18: Already Heard – “Song Premiere: Major Moment – How Would You Know?”

8/15/18: A&R Factory – “Major Moment – Before It’s Too Late: Cinematically Visceral Alt Rock”

8/14/18: The Campaign to Change Direction – “Major Moment Helps The Charity To Spread Awareness About Mental Health and Depression With Their Tribute Leave Out All The Rest

8/13/18: Vents Magazine – “INTERVIEW: Major Moment”

8/13/18: SleepingBagStudios – “Confirmation of Their Excellence Comes Through The Form of Their Brand New Single Before It’s Too Late

8/13/18: Stereo Stickman – Before It’s Too Late – This is What’s Been Missing From Mainstream Music Lately”

8/12/18: Warlock Asylum International News – Before It’s Too Late by Major Moment is a Sign of The Band’s Early Success”

8/11/18: Dancing About Architecture – Before It’s Too Late Mixes Musical Elegance With Lyrical Eloquence”

8/10/18: The Ratings Game – “Relentless Passion Drives Major Moment’s ‘Before It’s Too Late’ to the Finish Line!”

8/9/18: SleepingBagStudios – “SBS PODCAST, Episode 054 – Stylistically Sweet Sounds For Your Speakers. Featuring Major Moment – Leave Out All The Rest”

8/9/18: ActOne Magazine – Before It’s Too Late is One of The Best Tracks I Have Heard This Year!”

8/9/18: Sound Of Now – Before It’s Too Late By The Amazing Major Moment is Truly Great”Score: 5/5

8/9/18: The Swindonian – “A faithfully re-imagined fighting tribute to an icon of the alt-rock fraternity”

8/6/18: Vents Magazine – “CD REVIEW: one small stEP by Major Moment”Score: 4.5/5

8/6/18: Skope – “The band has done more than just recording their heroes’ song”

8/5/18: My Funk – “Leave Out All The Rest: You can almost feel the music reaching into the Heavens”

8/5/18: Music Industry News Network – “One of the best moments to be cherished and remembered for years to come”Score: 9.8/10

8/4/18: XTRA WAVE – “Major Moment touches on emotions that most of us grapple with”

8/4/18: The Ratings Game – Leave Out All The Rest is As Beautiful and Exciting As a Tribute Song Will Get”Score: 5/5

8/3/18: SleepingBagStudios – Major Moment pays their respects and shows us what a real tribute is supposed to sound like”

8/3/18: Dancing About Architecture – “Leave Out All The Rest: Not Only a Great Song But Faithfully Re-Imagined”

8/3/18: The Bandcamp Diaries – “Major Moment released a stunning reimagined version of Linkin Park’s hit, Leave Out All The Rest

8/2/18: New Noize Magazine – “Major Moment Shares Chester Bennington Tribute, Leave Out All the Rest

8/2/18: Sound Of Now – “Review: Major Moment – Leave Out All The Rest”Score: 5/5

7/29/18: Myze Music – “Major Moment: Following Chester Bennington’s Steps and Spreading Awareness Through Music”

7/23/18: WAAF Radio – “Linkin Park Fans Speak At The Boston Chester Bennington Memorial”

7/19/18: Mania-Press – “Major Moment Drop Single Before It’s Too Late

7/19/18: Nü Sound – “PREMIERE: Alt-rock group Major Moment’s chilling cover of Linkin Park’s Leave Out All The Rest

7/18/18: Cloak + Dagger – “Major Moment Hope To #MAKECHESTERPROUD With Before It’s Too Late

7/6/18: New Noize Magazine – “Video Premiere: Major Moment – Before It’s Too Late”

7/1/18: Cliche Magazine – “Bands Interviewing Bands: Forts Like Vana and Major Moment”

4/23/18: Bottoms Up: Appetite For Discussion – “Interview & Acoustic”

4/17/18: Don’t Forget To Rock – “Video Interview Before The Show at the Bill’s Bar Boston”

3/1/18: WEMF Radio – “The Underbelly. Interview with Major Moment and a Premiere Acoustic Performance”

International Coverage

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Boston Free Radio – Somerville, MA
Boston Rock Radio – Winter Haven, FL
Indie Scene Radio – Methuen, MA
Krave Rock – Dallas, TX
Neue Regel Radio – Orange County, NJ
NRM – New England Rock & Metal Radio
Radio Florida Brazil – Lauderdale, FL
Rock 108 – Waterloo, IA
RUSA Radio – Brooklyn, NY
WAAF – Boston, MA
WEMF Radio – Brighton, MA

BearCast – Cincinnati, OH
CFBX – Kamloops, BC
CFRC – Kingston, ON
CHMA – Sackville, NB
CHMR – St. Johns, NF
CJUM – Winnipeg, MB
KAFM – Grand Junction, CO
KCR – San Diego, CA
KCSU – Fort Collins, CO
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KEUL – Girdwood, AK
KFAI – Minneapolis, MN
KIDE – Hoopa, CA
KJHK – Lawrence, KS
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KLCZ – Lewiston, ID (#7 ADD)
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KNON – Dallas, TX
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KPFT – Houston, TX
KRFC – Fort Collins, CO
KRFP – Moscow, ID
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KSJS – San Jose, CA
KTUH – Honolulu, HI
KUOI – Moscow, ID
KUWS – Superior, WI
KVMR – Nevada City, CA
KVNF – Paonia, CO
KWLC – Decorah, IA
KWVA – Eugene, OR
KXUL – Monroe, LA (CHARTED #19)
KZMU – Moab, UT
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SCAD – Atlanta, GA
WASU – Boone, NC
WBNY – Buffalo, NY
WBOR – Brunswick, ME
WCSF – Joliet, IL
WCVF – Fredonia, NY
WDCV – Carlisle, PA
WERU – East Orland, ME (#8 ADD)
WIDR – Kalamazoo, MI (#4 ADD)
WIPZ – Kenosha, WI
WITR – Rochester, NY
WKKL – West Barnstable, MA
WLAS – Newton, MA (#3 ADD)

WLCA – Godfrey, IL
WLFR – Galloway, NJ
WLOY – Baltimore, MD
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WMHB – Waterville, ME
WMUL – Huntington, WV
WMXM – Lake Forest, IL
WNIA – Rocky Mount, NC
WNSU – Fort Lauderdale, FL (CHARTED #7)
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WONC – Naperville, IL
WPNR – Utica, NY
WPRK – Winter Park, FL
WRRC – Lawrenceville, NJ
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WSYC – Shippensburg, PA
WTCC – Springfield, MA (#9 ADD)
WUDR – Dayton, OH
WUSO – Springfield, OH
WVMM – Mechanicsburg, PA
WWSU – Dayton, OH
WWUH – West Hartford, CT


91 Rock – Curitiba, Brazil
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Antena Sul FM – Castro, Brazil
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Garagem In Rock – Palhoca, Brazil
Kompot FM – Moscow, Russia
Master Web Rádio-Oficial – Pocos De Caldas, Brazil
Mediametrics – Moscow, Russia
Mundo Livre FM – Curitiba, Brazil
The Old School Project – Thessaloniki, Greece
Patotas Rock – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Radio 1 – Moscow, Russia
Radio 104 – Porto Alegre, Brazil
Radio 96 – Uruguaiana, Brazil
Rádio Baixada Santista – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Radio Mayak – Moscow, Russia
Radio SuperMix – Itajai, Brazil
Rock FM – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vidnoe Radio – Moscow, Russia