We are the first band EVER in the history of the Launch Pad Live, that is 7 years, that has TWO songs in the TOP 20 of the most played songs of the week! But even more, there are in the TOP 10!!!💥💥💥 Shout out to “What It’s Like” and our new single, “Living Your Life Like This”, that debuted at number 3! Whoa! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

We are so grateful for your support, guys! Thank you for listening to and enjoying our music! ❤️

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Neue Regel Radio LPL TOP20

Our single “Living Your Life Like This” is now available in all stores & streaming services! Please STREAM | ADD | SHARE and (most importantly) ENJOY. ⚙️⚙️⚙️

Also, if you like any of our songs, don’t forget to request it to your favorite radio station!! We are constantly updating the list of radio stations that spin our music, and they all are looking forward to when you ask them to play our songs!📻😁

Major Moment - Living Your Life Like This

We just reached 100K views, guys! And that’s only on Facebook! Wow! Thank you so much for your love! ❤️ Please, keep sharing! ♻️ We have a 4K version on YouTube, let’s bring it up in views there too! 🤘🏼We are so proud of each one of you as we are making the difference in this world by helping others! Chester would be proud 🖤

#MakeChesterProud #IamTheChange #FuckDepression

This is a music video of our tribute to Chester Bennington, “Leave Out All The Rest”. This song has a very special place in our hearts, and it has the message that we should never forget. Linkin Park’s music was an integral part of our lives for 17 years and guided us through some dark times. They were a major motivation behind starting Major Moment and moving to the U.S., so we took his death very personally as if it happened within our own family. The video for ‘Leave Out All The Rest’ was made as a way to cope with this loss, but also to support the mission of 320 Changes Direction.

Remember to take care of each other and yourself, to be kind to one another, and if you feel like you need help, please reach out!

Directed by Ben Proulx & Connor Hayes from Project 2 Studios

Premiered on Relix on January 29th

Wow! This week’s Top 20 Countdown ended up with “What It’s Like” is being the NUMBER 1 SONG! We’re ecstatic and very inspired to keep going! Thank you guys from Neue Regel Radio and our dear friends for voting! Let’s keep this golden train going, please, keep voting so we could enjoy this first place a little longer.

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2018 is coming to an end and we have one more lyric video to show you, guys! This is “What It’s Like”! The most dynamic and fun song to play off of our debut “one small stEP”! Please, check it out, leave comments, share it around and enjoy the video!

The New Year will be bringing so many good stuff, there is a stunning music video for our tribute “Leave Out All The Rest”, 4 (!!) new singles, new shows & interviews planned, so, please, enjoy the holidays and stay in touch! ❤️🎉

Cheers to the 2019!🥂🎊

Hey guys! I hope you’ve seen this already, but there are two very important voting contests going on!

We would really appreciate if you could take a minute and vote for us here:

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We hope to see your support, guys! That would mean a lot to us and it will help us to release new stuff more frequently! 😉



🙌🔥 Guys! 🔥🙌

We’re super-excited to announce that we were selected to play an opening night of NAMM Show in California. It’s a great honor to be a part of it, and we’re working hard to make this night a very special one, including a premiere of brand new songs, and featuring our good friend Mike Kerr on guitar. We’ll be kicking off 2019 with a bang! 💥Stay tuned for updates and more news!

If you live in LA area, you must visit it and we hope to see you there! 🤘