Just finished our first EVER day in the studio with Kevin Billingslea at the Halo Studio in Portland, ME. Such a great easy-going, yet highly professional and efficient guy we’re working with! We were able to pretty much finish a scratch track for our new and very special song (an announcement is coming soon – STAY TUNED), and do some work on our first 🔥SINGLE 🔥as well. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Andrey Borzykin and Kevin Billingslea are finding the right guitar part

Exciting news! We’re going to be performing live on WEMF Radio playing 3 acoustic versions of our songs, talking about our upcoming shows and future plans. Tune in to their Facebook page for a live video stream tomorrow, 3/1 at 5 PM.

And while you guys are planning your time, we’re having fun here rehearsing. 🙂