As we were sorting through over 100 hours of footage from the studio, we realized that we have so many really great moments, that we would like to share with you guys! So we decided to create this experience, where for 5 days we will be talking about each song of the EP / showing you all behind the scene videos / pre-production / actual tracking / old demos / instrumentals & karaoke versions / and many more. You will be able to see and hear all the fails and all the hits! Dive in!

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NEW SONG! From our upcoming EP “one small stEP”. The song was written during a time of tremendous stress and heartbreaking loss of our idol, Chester Bennington. So many questions were going through our minds, that we will never have an answer for. Mental illness is a very dangerous disease, that can get you anywhere at the worst time of your life. ”How Would You Know” is a diary of one affected person, who wants to get help, but can’t ask for it. And it serves a purpose to remind ourselves to be caring to each other and to our inner selves.

The video was inspired by Rorschach Test, and premiered today, exclusively on Already Heard! Check it out and let us know what you think!

You may not know this, but Andrey’s adventurous side took charge and brought him to Moscow! We were offered to perform in front of hundreds of people on a big Russian music business forum, and a popular TV program, plus give a bunch of interviews on radio stations and meet incredible musicians. So you cannot possibly turn down such invitation!

But because of a rushed preparation, the other band members of Major Moment couldn’t attend those events, so Andrey had to find musicians to perform there. We were lucky to have ones of the best ones, who pulled of a killer show in just 3(!!) rehearsals! Impressive! Audio and video content is coming right up, stay tuned!

Guys, our tracks are now ready! A few weeks ago we met Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering to finish the song of our upcoming record “one small stEP”and one more special thing that you will find out very soon! Adam is a humble but proud owner of multiple Grammy Awards, his walls are covered by many platinum and gold records from such artists as Paul McCartney, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park and many many more. To witness him master our record was an incredible honor and we can’t wait to share it with the world!

The hype is real! #MakeChesterProud

Hey everyone,

So, the time in the studio flew by like 💥! But we are going back for full production & tracking of our first album called “one small stEP” in less than two weeks! 😎🤘🏻 It was a surreal experience and maybe one of the best times we’ve ever had. We can’t prepare you guys for what’s coming your way. All we can tell you is follow us on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and sign up for our friend list here on our homepage, as we will be focusing on sharing some seriously cool stories during the next couple weeks. Many announcements, contests, giveaways and some exclusive insiders only content is coming soon.

Major Moment in the Halo Studio - Final Day 5!

Check out our EVENT page, we have multiple shows coming up! First one is APRIL 6 in PA’s Lounge in Somerville, 8pm (tickets here), then we gonna find out about the power of networking at the social event (only for musicians) at La Fábrica Central in Cambridge on APRIL 21, 1-6 pm (tickets here), following up with an interview and a special intimate performance at the Comicazi book store, 7pm the same day (tickets here).

Meanwhile, saying “Hi!” to everyone from the other side of the screen! Day 4 in the studio is bringing us new thoughts, emotions, and great ideas. Some serious shit is coming up, guys! You just wait!

Major Moment in the Halo Studio, Day 4

Just finished our first EVER day in the studio with Kevin Billingslea at the Halo Studio in Portland, ME. Such a great easy-going, yet highly professional and efficient guy we’re working with! We were able to pretty much finish a scratch track for our new and very special song (an announcement is coming soon – STAY TUNED), and do some work on our first 🔥SINGLE 🔥as well. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Andrey Borzykin and Kevin Billingslea are finding the right guitar part

Exciting news! We’re going to be performing live on WEMF Radio playing 3 acoustic versions of our songs, talking about our upcoming shows and future plans. Tune in to their Facebook page for a live video stream tomorrow, 3/1 at 5 PM.

And while you guys are planning your time, we’re having fun here rehearsing. 🙂